To Blog or Not to Blog…That is the Question

Hello again,

 I wanted to take this opportunity to talk about Blogging. We’ve talked about why we blog, and several fellow financial institutions have made inquiries about our blog, and that they’d like to set something up as well. I say, here, here!

In this day and age, where you can click or swipe to get immediate answers to questions. Why not offer a blog? It really can give you one on one communication with your members, and potential members that are out there. And often, I find some folks feel more comfortable writing their questions on a blog then coming in and asking in person. Fear not I say-I understand that sometimes folks feel uncomfortable asking questions in person for fear of feeling or looking dumb. Feel free to blog me, there really are no stupid questions.

Now, why you may not get the immediate responses you are looking for, let’s face it, sometimes these things take time, but don’t worry, word of mouth will come. And in the meantime, just keep plugging away!

So I say, to all thinking about blogging-go for it and blog on! 


One Response

  1. And Blogs themselves are fairly easy to set-up especially if your host offers the service. Ours did and it was WordPress.

    There is lots of information on how to customize them.

    With Feeds and notifications customers can get the latest information quickly. And as you pointed out, they can be annonymous as well.

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