Christmas Shopping

Right from the start, I might be offending someone but I do Christmas shopping with my wife once a year.  It’s not holiday shopping because I’m buying Christmas gifts for five children, five in-laws, and fourteen grand children.  Yep you’re right, I’m not a young man. I do also buy for my wife.  The question always comes up:  how much to spend for each individual and should one borrow to fund Christmas shopping.  I’ll tell you what I think and you can join in.   When I was much younger I would try to save for Christmas shopping by using a Christmas Club account.  Only problem, sometimes the kids need to go to the doctor or new shoes or whatever, so the club account always came up short when it was time to go shopping.  What did I do?  I pulled out the plastics and said, I’ll buy now (kids had to have nice gifts) and pay later.  You know the toys I bought rarely were around when I paid the credit card bills off.  Now that I’m older and somewhat wiser, I figure if I don’t have the money to spend, I just cut down on my gift giving with maybe one exception.  The wife always comes first and if I need a little extra to buy her gift, I will pull out the plastic card.  And we’ve now tried to limit the number of gifts per family members not necessarily spending the same amount on each person.  Do you think my 3 year old grandson cares if I spend $100 on him or $50?  He just wants presents to open.   So jump in here.  Should you use the plastics for Christmas shopping or stay within the dollars you saved?  Now that I’m older and wiser, I say stay within your savings.   


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  1. As a new member in the CU world, I must say that I’m intrigued by all of this talk about Christmas Club accounts and saving for the holidays. It usually ends up that my wife and I spend money out of our checking account, but inevitably the plastics rear their head to help cope with purchases. We have tried to save up for Christmas shopping before, but that money always finds its way back into our wallets instead of sitting there and gaining interest. I may have to talk to my local CU about getting something started for next year’s season though…

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