Concerned Staff and Cautious Member Miss a Scam!

With today’s fast-paced technology, scams,  seem to be everywhere and now they come in every size, shape and format. Seriously! Whether it’s identity theft or one of those “you won the lottery in Africa” e-mails! It’s hard to believe that some folks have so much time on their hands that they can just sit and think of the latest and greatest methods of how to cheat, good, decent, hard-working people out of their money.

I wanted to call your attention to something that happened just a few weeks ago, right here in our own backyard. Just a few short weeks ago, one of our management team members, alerted our sales and service staff about a new website, that you may have heard by now called Perhaps you’ve seen their ads on television?

The site is extremely informative, for those of you who may have never heard of it. It’s done by the National Consumers League and details the latest fraud scams out there to swindle you out of your money.

They start off simply, by saying that you could lose up to $4,101 from a fraud scam. Well, wouldn’t you know it, one of our members almost did just that-but some quick thinking by our staff helped save the member some embarrassment and their savings. The old saying, if it sounds too good to be true it probably is, really rings true here.

The member responded to a work from home ad, and really wanted to make some extra cash on the side.  Who wouldn’t? I digress…the member applied to work from home and received a check, that once deposited, would make the member an official employee of the so-called company. The member, felt the $4,000 check was an awful lot of money to get paid up front and fortunately, they were informed enough not to give out too much personal information and did NOT give the company their social security number.

Here’s the scam: 

The so-called company wanted the member to be a mystery shopper and test customer service for a particular product and that they were to purchase product x at several local stores and rate them on their customer service. Once this was completed, the company wanted the member to test out several local wire-services and wanted them to wire some of that big check from their account back to them, thus giving them full access to the member’s account.  Our savy member took the check to our staff and said they felt uneasy about depositing it. And rightfully so, our staff members did some checking and verified that this was a scam.

Some advice from Legitimate companies WILL NOT offer you a job and send you a big fat check, without knowing some of your credentials and background information up front. Plus, if you haven’t been overseas-odds are you probably didn’t win some special lottery. These sound like common sense things, but maybe not. Who wouldn’ t want someone knocking at their door with a bouquet of balloons and a big check telling them their a big winner?

A big sigh of relief and kudos to our member who was again, savy to ask questions about the check and kudos as well to our staff who saved the member money.

Here’s some advice from fake “When someone gives you a realistic-looking check or money order and asks you to wire them money in return. It’s phony, and so is the person’s story. But that may take weeks, even months to discover. Now your bank or credit union wants the money back. The bank or credit union is required to give you access to the funds you deposit within a few days, but they can’t be sure the check is valid by then.”

You’re responsible for the checks or money orders you deposit, so YOU will be responsible for paying back the missing money. 

My best advice, stay informed and again, if someone is seeking your personal information especially account numbers, either via snail-mail or the internet-don’t do it. Save yourself, time, money and potential embarrassement. And visit to get informed and stay informed about current scams.

A big thank you to the folks at on keeping up with what’s happening out there.


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