Pinch Hitting for Al …

Howdy folks,

 Al’s out of the office for a few days, so it’s me, Cammie Morrow, marketing director, pinch hitting for him on the blog. You’ve may or may not have heard by now that we’re celebrating International Credit Union Week. We have special drawings and contests for our members and our employees. Plus, stop by our lobbies in Newark and Heath this Thursday, for special treats all day. We’d love to have you celebrate with us!

That being said, I thought I would share an interesting topic that came up at a conference I attended last week. So often, I read Al’s blog and appreciate his efforts in helping move the credit union movement forward.  So I was wondering, if a topic that came up at our conference could help the the movement or at least make a difference locally?

Our speaker last week was Andy Sernovitz, who has a great blog and a fun book, Word of Mouth Marketing, How Smart Companies Get People Talking. He really makes you think about whether or not financial institutions are really over thinking our marketing. (Said the Marketer) Sometimes the simplest things can really capture a member’s attention and really make them feel appreciated. So, I’m asking YOU,  why do you love Hopewell Federal? What have we done to help you and if you’ve enjoyed a service that Hopewell Federal has provided for you, please tell a friend!

And if you’ve always wanted your 15 minutes of fame, I’d love to use your testimonial on print, t.v. or even radio! That’s right, if you’ve always wanted to get a taste of fame, now’s your chance.  So I ask, that if you love a service, product or heck, even dealing with one of our employees, because we think they’re pretty great too-please contact me directly at or give me a call at 740-522-8311 ext. 2505. I think no one says it better than you can-so call me! I look forward to hearing from you! And don’t worry, Al will be back next week.




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