We’re in the Pink!

October is just jam-packed with causes that concern women, because it’s Women’s Health Month, so while we’re doing our part to help with domestic violence with our cell phone drive. Every Friday throughout October we’re thinking pink or rather wearing pink at Hopewell Federal!

October is also breast cancer awareness month and if you live here locally, you probably have heard about the Pack the Stands with Pink campaign. Each high school in Ohio that plays interscholastic volleyball was challenged to dedicate one home volleyball match to promote breast cancer education awareness and fundraising. And literally every school has packed the stands with bright pink t-shirts to help support the cause. It literally has taken on a whole life of it’s own.

 Locally, one of the high school’s asked us if we would support the cause and we just couldn’t say no! So every Friday in October, our employees will also be wearing the Volley for the Cure “pink” t-shirts to help support breast cancer education awareness.

So, whether you do your banking on-line or stop in to visit us in person, look for us on Fridays to be in the Pink! We’re embracing the cause and hope you will too! 

 And remember, if you have any financial questions to drop me a line. Have a great week!



2 Responses

  1. Al,

    Just wanted to commend you on your blog. I think this is a great idea for credit unions.

    You’ve inspired me to get to work on creating one for our credit union.

    Great job,


  2. Mike,

    Since we know the many benefits that credit union members receive, I felt it important to provide an avenue for the public to get to know more about credit unions and also to ask some financial questions. Financial education is a must in this country and if we, credit unions, don’t do our part, who will help in educating consumers?

    Thanks for your feedback and good luck with your blog.


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