Making a Difference

Donate a Phone … Save a Life! 

I’m kind of jumping the gun a little bit, since October doesn’t officially start until next week-but I figure, with a drive as important as this-it’s never TOO early to get started.

Typically, financial institutions get called upon to help support the community, whether it’s for the United Way, Salvation Army, local schools, what have you-we get plenty of requests and we LOVE to give back. Hopewell Federal really enjoys supporting various causes and organizations throughout Licking County, but this one, we decided to start by ourselves.

WE WANT YOUR CELL PHONES! That’s right! The month of October, is designated as National Domestic Violence Awareness Month. And here at Hopewell Federal, we’re lending our support with a CALL TO ACTION-to our members, non-members and any one else who reads this and wants to mail their old cell phones in! Why? Good question! 

Old cell phones can be reprogrammed to dial only 911, no call plans necessary. I know you have to have an old phone sitting around in a drawer collecting dust somewhere-especially you techie’s out there that just got the iPhone! Bring your old cell phones into Hopewell Federal either to our office in Heath or in Newark, OH and we’ll make sure it gets sent to our local domestic violence shelter NEW BEGINNINGS who will have them reprogrammed to help local abuse victims in need.

According to the FBI, domestic violence claims the lives of more than 4 women each day, with staggering statistics like that, it’s worth your time, to drop in and drop off your phone. It could save a life.

 Remember, it starts October 1st-but if you want to drop them off ahead of time we’ll take them! And if you’re reading this, whether you’re a member out-of-state or just a passer-by, I encourage you to mail your phone to us-at P.O. Box 2157, 501 Hopewell Drive, Heath, OH 43056!

Help us break the cycle of violence!


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