Have You Had Your Financial Check-up?


 Another week has gone by and I’m still so amazed at the amount of traffic this blog has seen since it began just a few short weeks ago. It’s a busy time here at Hopewell, we’re getting ready for International Credit Union Week, as well as launching a couple of community campaigns to support our friends and neighbors, which I will be sharing with you next week.

As I was trying to think of a blog topic, I got to reviewing some out there and I found one that really captured my attention-how do you maintain your financial health?

It’s a simple concept really, you  go to the doctor when you need a health screening but what kind of importance or value do you place on your financial health? If you can’t answer that question then maybe it’s time to take a closer look. 

Go to your credit union and talk with one of the member service representatives about your current finances. What you have, what you’d like to save, what you’d like to see for your future? It may be that your financial health is just fine, but perhaps there’s something more you could be doing to save money, save on a loan, invest in your future.

Who knows? It really could lead to major savings in the long run and besides, it doesn’t hurt to just ask.  So I encourage you to stop in and talk to a member services representative at least annually to ensure your financial health.


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